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    Root Account

    Hi everyone; just loaded 1st install of R.Hat. I'm the root user and for some reason I'm unable to get into the /etc/grub.conf file. It says: Permission Denied.

    I was under the impression that root usr had 100% access into all config files.

    Any suggestions on how to allow access would be great.

    C .R.

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    i dont think you have access ot certain things even with root access, such as the man pages and /etc/ i have tried and gotten permission denied. Ive always wondered whether it would be possible but i dont think it is. I may be wrong though. hope this helps
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    Thanx for the info.

    Anyone else can suggest a fix for this would be great.

    Running RH 9.0.


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    As root, you have acess to _everything_. The most probable reason for this particular problem is that you don't have the correcto permissions set for anyone to read it. To change this, from the shell, type:
    chmod +rw /boot/grub/grub.conf
    this will change the permissions such that you can read and write to the grub.conf file, /etc/grub.conf is just a symlink to the real thing, and if reading from it gives you any trouble, you can execute this command on it, or you can just edit '/boot/grub/grub.conf'

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    "As root, you have acess to _everything_."
    not quite true if you're running FC3 or distro installed with SELinux where you need to disable the protection in order to modify system files. This serves as a last defence against those who "accidentally" broke into your system and gain "root" access ....

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    ^^^Looks like somebody's trying to increase their post count...
    True, but I though he was running redhat, not fedora.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smindinvern
    ^^^Looks like somebody's trying to increase their post count... ....
    lol, whatever.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm using RedHat 9.0.


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