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    How to Configure SAMBA Server (I am novice in Linux)

    I want to move to Linux from Windows Platform.
    I work for a company having 5 windows-98 workstations with ONE NT4 Server Machine. Initially I have installed Linux on 3 workstations and now want to setup SAMBA Server in order to give access of NT4 disk share on Linux workstation and vice versa.
    Please help..... I am novice on Linux...


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    Usually, samba is already pre-installed. What distribution are you using?
    The samba client programs need no configuration just check so that smbmount exists.

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    are you trying to move the NT server to linux ? (that would be a Samba Server so your windows clients could access the shares)

    Of you moved to an all linux network, you dont need samba you need NFS.

    Or, if you want to keep the server as NT and the desktops linux (not sure why) then you dont need a samba _server_ to mount windows shares, you can do it with smbmount check out

    man smbmount

    this ought to work

    username=YOUR_USERNAME password=YOUR_PASSWORD

    Now the name/passwrd are the windows machines name/password not linux, as you are connecting to the NT box you need to authenticate to it.

    or if you do it alot, add the correct line to /etc/fstab with the noauto keyword so you can just type

    mount MOUNT_POINT

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