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Thread: mount points

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    mount points

    in my linux system i have separate partions
    /dev/sda1 /
    /dev/sda2 /home

    i have heard that u can do this in windows as well but dont know how to do it. is it a certain file i have to edit? is it some where in the registry?

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    edit: i thought i had it but actually i still need help

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    You haven't explained exactly what is you want to do...

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    ok if it wasnt obvious i want to have my windows split up intsead of just having
    i want to have something like
    C:/program files/

    as separte partions and how would i do that

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    This is a Linux forum not a windows forum, you may rankle some feathers...
    but you can create partitions to your hearts content during a clean install..
    You can try partition magic, after losing some $ of course..
    If you have unpartitioned space you can use disk management (XP):
    Start->control panel, click performance and maitenance, click administrative tools, double click computer management shortcut, expand the storage item in the console window, click the disk management item.
    Now right click the free space and choose new logical drive from the shortcut menu. Computer management starts the new partition wizard...

    and I thought Linux was hard...

    pages 913 thru 921 in Windows XP Prof complete, Sybex
    take a pen and notepad when you visit the bookstore...
    of course if you are talking 2000, NT,... you'll need to look further...
    If (exoskeleton || (green && wiggles)) eat_it();

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    also im pretty sure that you can go into the computer properties and i think its under the advanced tab there is an option "environment variables" to change the default location of where at least some of the things you wanted. hope this helps!

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