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    Hardware Config problems

    Hi, I am a complete novice to Linux. I recently installed Mandrake 9.1 and am grappling with the change over from Windows. I must say that i like waht i see so far. I have however two main problems.
    1. My Modum being a controllerless win modum was not detected on installation. I have visited and downloaded recent drivers and installed them however i cannot see a "device manager" within Mandrake 9.1. How do i manage hardware within this OS?
    PS has anyone been successful with this type of Modum i.e 56K PCI HSF
    ID Ven 127A Device 1025.

    2. I cannot get my HP Scanjet 5100 to work, the OS won't recognise it i have tried Scandrake??? and it won't detect it. I have heard that P Port devices don't sit to well with Linux is this true. Is their no hope with this one.

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

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    try running kppp for your modem, if a winmodem works at all, consider yourself lucky

    as far as your scanner goes, is it supported by mdk? it might not be detecting it cuz it may not support it.

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    I don't think Linux has any problems with parport devices, at least not that I've heard or experienced. It seems that sane supports your HP 5100, and I suppose that Scandrake uses Sane. I don't use Mdk, though, so I don't know for sure.

    I wouldn't hope too much for that WinModem, though. Stories with WinModems range all from utter failure to ultimate success, but I think most end in failure. As for managing hardware, I don't know what solutions mandrake has, but as I recall, it's supposed to built in to KDE. But if all that fails, you can always use the native tools - lspci, lsusb, the /proc/ filesystem and so on.

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    Thanks for your advice guys, I have tried Sane, it does not detect the scanner. I take it the native tools you mention are launched within the terminal window? As i'm new to Linux (and a wee bit lazy) i would prefer a GUI config tool, i'll take a look at the Mandrake site.

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    Since it is a parport device, you might have to configure the scanner manually. I don't have a scanner (not that I use with sane, at least), so I don't really know how the sane configuration works.

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    in my experience, mandrake will use a winmodem just fine if u dload mdk specific drivers for it
    go to
    ur problem tho, is that its an HCF modem and not an HSF as windows is telling u. I know this by looking at (note the 127A which is the first 4 letters of the code it gave u... the manufacturer) Then go down about half way until u find 0x1025 (the last 4 letters) this is the product code.
    now u know its a conexant hcf modem u go to and click on conextant drivers and click thru to the hcf downloads page. or go straight to it from my link

    download whatever kernel version u have. (find out by "uname -r" at a terminal)

    then run "rpm -ivh /<<path to file>>/hcfpcimodem etc etc.rpm" from a terminal (u need to su first)

    follow all the prompts and ur modem is ready

    check that it has been set to /dev/modem by typing "ll /dev/modem" and making sure it points to ttySHFC0

    now go to mcc (or click mandrake control center)

    go to internet and networks i think its called

    setup ur connection and tell it u want to connect using /dev/modem

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    Awesome Advice Hellmasker! I writing this reply via my winmodum connection just fine. I had to have a bit of a fiddle but got there in the end (i think we may share some Kiwi ingenuity) Thanks again... now on to my scanner!

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    I also have a parallel port scanner which SANE does not recognize... if you find anything on making this work, please, let me know


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