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    File not found, compiled new kernel, grub error

    Alrighty, I compiled a new kernel for the first time, after installing vidalinux.
    I figured it would be a learning experience, and i suppose i was right, however, the result was not what i was hoping for. I followed the instructions at and
    nearly word for word. When i edited my grub.conf, i replaced my vidalinux entry with 2.6.10-ck5, which would be the outputted kernel that i got from the documentation that i followed. I removed the initrd stuff from the grub.conf, but left everything else, as i wasnt sure about them. Then installed the grub.conf according to the documentation, and rebooted. Well, at the grub bootloader, I was met with my two options "Gentoo (2.6.10-ck5)" and "Windows XP Pro" that i had setup, but, when i selected gentoo, i was met with
    "Booting 'Gentoo (2.6.10-ck5)'
    root (hd0,1)
    Filesystem type is ext2fs partition type 0xf3
    kernel /2.6.10-ck5 gentoo=nodevfs udev root=/dev/ram0 vga=0x317 video=vesa :ywrap.mtrr splash=silent

    Error 15:file not found

    Press any key to continue...."

    And pressing any key reboots.
    At least i can still get into windows, to write this....

    So, is it POSSIBLE for me to get back to linux in my present, state? will I have to just install afresh?


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    read the tutorial in this forum about solving boot problems with grub. Then, once you have a Linux system up and running, see what name you should be using (as I suspect that that is all that is wrong).

    have fun


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    I have to thank you very much for helping me out, I was able to successfully boot with my new kernel

    at the grub bootslash, i hid "c" to go to the prompt

    then i just entered in "kernel /kernel-2.6.10-ck5 (hd0,1)" and then "boot" and i was in linux!

    And I was very happy. (i dont know if the (hd0,1) actually did anything)

    So, i will fix my grub info now and continue on my linux journey, thank you again.

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    Thanks both of you for posting... you have both helped me!

    Please take some karma.

    /me thows out karma

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