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hi guys i am fed up with windows and want to give linux a try! what version should i use - easy installl is a must (redhat?) I am a ...
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    linux for newbies?

    hi guys
    i am fed up with windows and want to give linux a try! what version should i use - easy installl is a must (redhat?)

    I am a big time newbie so bear that in little hands on as possible!

    can u guys tell me some common linux terms cuz most of the stuff i read on here i am like huh?

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    what version you pick always starts a big argument

    I would say redhat, 8.0 is pretty easy to install and fairly easy to maintain - up2date is easy and keeps your current plus there are alot of docs out there on redhat.

    Download and install - you can come here if you have any specific questions once you get started. Good luck has some install guides and such, but especially if you have fairly modern/normal hardware it will detect it and do it for you. A modem could be a problem, how do you connect to the internet?

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    common linux terms. Hmm... I will add/edit this as I think of them.
    man page: is a manual page that shows up when you type `man $programname` into a terminal
    terminal: Kind of like the dos command line, only it uses different commands, like cp instead of copy and ls instead of dir.
    $anything: a variable that we don't know, that is specific to you. Like $path_to_file is probably going to be the path to a file you ask questions on, or $eth_card will probably be and ethernet card that you are referring to, that might be either eth1 or eth0 or something.
    ethernet card: It looks like a modem, but with only one jack in the back, that is larger than modem jacks. It works (kind of) like a modem, as it transfers data between whatever it is hooked up to
    firewall: a way to keep certain internet data away from your computer if you don't want it, and only let certain things through under certain circumstances.

    Feel free to ask about anything else, I can't think of any now, but if you ask "what is this" I would be more than happy to tell you. There is another place that someone asked what about 45 things were on this board, look in there, I try to be as descriptive as possible, and I think a lot of his had to do with networking.
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    Be a good student too

    I have learn the hard way:

    know this first:

    1. file system structure (you will know where is everything)
    2. comands (linux console commands : copy, remove, find etc...)
    3. learn how to mount and umount works (it is crucial when you want to see your floppy, cd or even your windows partition)
    4. know about your fstab file (you will learn a lot with this file)
    5. be carefull with the kill command (with it you put an end to applications that are not running or are freeze)
    6. learn how to compress and decompress a file with tar utility
    7. and if you want to install free software here in linux you have to learn (it is very easy when you take it step by step) configuration, compilation, and installing.
    8. use logic, patience, and read the man (manual in the console)

    why I am telling you this, because the first time I tried Linux I was without any clue how to do things and I though this was a windows like system.

    Linux is a real beauty, who make you think and get satisfied with your computer if you care what you are doing. at first it was designed to be a server software, now it is a workstation one because it is free and many have been designing GUIs as a complement.

    Good Luck!

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