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    Fedora Core 3 and Win2K on same laptop!!!

    First of all hello to the and its members.I am a new member over here with some problems.

    Well my problem is that I have a laptop with Win2K (pro edition) in it, but i want to install Fedora core 3 on it too... i.e. i want to have dual boot system.
    My laptop config is:
    30 Gb HDD with 20 GB assigned to Local drive C:
    and 10 Gb is free...with a drive name D:

    256 MB DDR RAM...

    so if possible please tell me how do i go about installing Fedora core 3 on the 10 Gb space... Please I am not expert in linux so do try to help me in a step by step procedure.I'll be thankful to the Linuxers...Please help me guys.

    thank you. Smile

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    Baisicly your Windows partition will be on linux /dev/hda1 and your free space will have to be formated into two partitions.

    During the install it should ask you to creat partitions, at this stage create a 1028MB partition within the blank space, and format it SWAP, this will be your SWAP partition, which is used like virtual memory.
    And with the rest of the free space create another partition which will be 9GB in size, this will be for your / (root) partition which holds all the data etc.

    I'm sure someone could add more to my response;

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    FC3 has an easy partition wizard.. just select your free space and let it arrange it for you

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    thank you for your prompt reply...

    thnk u guys for your prompt i am sure that this forum would prove useful to me in the long term.thnx again.

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    To do like dylunio recommends, watch for a screen offering the choice of having Fedora automatically partition your disk or to do it manually with disk druid. Choose manual. I think you will need to "delete" the 10Gb partition in order to create the new swap partition and the new "/" partition.

    The most common problems for new users trying to do about what you want to do are 1) not being able to boot to Linux after install 2) not being able to boot to Windows after install and 3) not being able to get into graphic mode. None of these is a big deal, but if it comes unexpected, it can be traumatic.

    1) Create a Grub boot floppy. You can do that in Windows. You don't need to know what to do with it yet.

    2) Search these forums for fixing the MBR on Windows, just so you know how that is done. If you don't have the installation CD for Windows, make a recovery floppy before you install Fedora.

    3) Not a cause for concern. We can walk you through it.

    You didn't mention what processor you have. If it's not Pentium III or better, you should go easy (but not too easy) on what applications you install. You can always add more later.
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    well guys wht do u all think which distro id better coz i have Mandrake 10.2, Redhat 9,Ubuntu and Fedora core 3.I want to get your advices on whch one shud i install on my sys??

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    First, I gotta point you to this link. As you can see from that, it's a personal choice and what someone likes when they first get introduced to Linux has a good chance of changing as they learn. All of the distros you mentioned are very popular, and there must be good reasons for that. So jump in and see how it goes.
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    Have to say - Mandrake 10.2 is still in beta, so it may not be your best choice.
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    hey drakebasher thnx for the link and also for the link of distrowatch.its really useful.

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    win2k and fedora 3

    Ok... ANY warnings for me?
    I'm not new to linux, but haven't run linux since about Redhat 7, I've used Slakware, Debian and a couple of misc flavors.
    My laptop crashed, I purchased a used on with win2k pre-installed.
    I puschased Partition Magic and intend to reduce the only partition I have which is a 18 Gig drive, down to 9 and 9.
    Previously (from experience) there were problems with Lilo and Grub. Windows used to hate other operating systems but I've never tried it with 2K, only 95/98 and NT (3.51 and 4.0)

    I hear I can shrink the partition with partition magic, then install fedora on the remainder without installing it to the mbr.

    any pointers? REminders? Warnings?
    PS I can't make a bootable floppy... I have no floppy disks or drives.
    Dell P3 850, 256 Megs ram.

    I installed Partition Magic, and when I went to re-size the partitition, it warned that the system may not be bootable.
    If I re-size the partition leaving all files on C, creating a blank partition (to the right) the system should still be bootable right?
    Then linux should be installed on the second partition and should also be bootable right?

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