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    Slackware 9 with xp pro

    I have a wierd question.

    I am running Xp pro on a P2 450mhz w/394m ram. Xp is on 10Gb and I have 2Gb of free space. I would like to stick Slackware 9.0 in the latter, but would like to not molest the mbr or the ntloader. This would mean some sort of manual boot to linux everytime. The reason is I would be the only person using Slack and I don't want to confuse my wife who is used to turning on the computer and clicking her user account. I am using slackware to learn linux (the hard way!) and I want to be able to keep my box the same, yet boot to linux when I need to. All help is extremely profoundly thanked for in advanced.

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    long time ago...

    A long time ago I installed RH and it gave me the option to make a boot disk (3.5 floppy). When I would turn on the computer without the disk in it would boot normally as though nothing was different. When I would put the disk in it would boot to linux, no questions asked. I was using LILO and I don't know much else but this would sound like a GREAT solution for you.


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    Yes, just choose to not install lilo, and boot up with the slackware cdrom.

    If you ex. installed slackware on hda3, you type this: bare.i root=/dev/hda3 noinitrd ro

    Good Luck


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