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    partitions placement

    I currently have this setup:

    /dev/hdb1 - /boot 500MB
    /dev/hdb2 - / 15GB
    /dev/hdb3 - swap 1 1GB

    and i wanted to create another / partition for installing another linux distor.
    where would i place the new / partition for the next linux install?
    before, after, the swap or where would it go?

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    How big is your hard drive?

    Is the current hard drive full to it's brim with these partitions? or are they just the first 17.5 Gb of a larger hard drive.

    if it is the former, make hda2 smaller, and then there will be a 'gap' in between hda2, and hda3, this is were you put your next partition, which will be hda4.

    if it is the second scenario, just add hda4 in the free space after hda3.

    It doesn't matter in Linux on which partition something is on, it is not like Windows!

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