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    How can i boot the windows XP Bootable CD from the GRUB

    Hi every buddy,

    My problem is that i run an dual os pc with Windows Xp and
    Redhat linux 9 ,now i want to re-install windows XP ,since i have some problems in the current installation of XP,but without having to re-install the linux.

    But i have not been able to know how actually to boot the windows XP cd
    from the GRUB .From one of the sites i came to know that i can boot an bootable win 98 floopy disk using the command

    chainloader (fd0)+1 at the GRUB>

    similarly how can i boot the XP installation disc.

    I think this is the best of all ways to get my job done,i even expect to know any other alternative simpler methods if any.

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    Put your XP disc in the drive restart your computer if that dont work u may need to configure your BIOS but I cant tell u how to configure your BIOS cuz every motherboard is diffrent refer to your coputers manuel
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    Just go into your BIOS and make sure the CD rom is the first device that checks for the MBR

    Note: If you are installing XP on the same drive as Linux it will overrite GRUB and replace it with the windows MBR and Linux won't be included on it

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    Like Benny8909 says, Windows will over-write your bootloader. To save yourself some aggravation, before you reinstall Windows, go into Linux and at the command line, enter
    info grub
    That's a hypertext user manual for the bootloader. Read about how to install grub to a floppy disc and then how to run setup so the floppy will boot your system. If you do that, then after you have installed Windows, you will be able to boot with the floppy and then reinstall Grub to the hard drive MBR with the least effort and risk.
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