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    installin Linux from windows

    hey all i have a compaq armada m300 laptop that has a usb cdrom and no floppy drive and i can't boot from the cd so how can i try to install linux fedora core 1 on one of my partitions?? i have a 40 gb hd with 2 equal partitions and win xp installed

    is it possible to install linux on a machine like that?? any help will be great



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    you can try VMware ....

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    I also have an M300 and am about to install Mandriva 2006 on it. I have a floppy drive which attaches to the parallel port, and the boot order looks at this before the HDD. Mandriva comes with a Windows program which creates a boot floppy which will initiate the install from a USB CDROM drive. So, I boot from the external floppy drive and off we go.

    Maybe you could pick up a cheap floppy / parallel drive?

    As an alternative, maybe someone cleverer than me could tell you how to create a bootable partition on your HDD which would be the equivalent of the boot image on the floppy I referred to. Probably would need an update to the master boot record ...


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    I am in the same situation too. My laptop does not have cdrom nor floppy. How can I install linux? Well, my laptop is currently network to my desktop computer, which has cdrom drive.

    HELPP please.

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    @laptin: which linux do you want to install?
    How much experience do you have in linux? Or is this your first try?

    I am not entirely sure but i think you can install debian over a network.
    from their manual: link
    2.2.5. Network
    You can also boot your system over the network.
    Diskless installation, using network booting from a local area network and NFS-mounting of all local filesystems, is another option.
    Be sure to get the proper manual for your architecture though:

    Do you have USB? , since some distros are able to install from USB.

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    i just realized my laptop can't boot from network. only can boot from cdrom, or removable storage. (so i guess that's usb cdrom) but my notebook don't hv cdrom.

    I have very little experience with linux. I have installed mandrake on my desktop before. And I would like to install that again. well, any other linux is fine, as long as i can get some kind of linux installed. But i prefer gentoo,suse,or mandrake.

    Yes, i have usb. but Is there anyway to make the iso image bootable on a partition??

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    @image bootable on a partition:
    Yes, i think it's possible to boot (and install) from any partition.
    /not entirely sure how you would go about that but: it's the same as dual booting windows /linux from the windows booter.
    Do you have windows installed now? Give some more info! What kind of laptop etc?

    @usb booting: it depends on your bios.
    Have you looked around in your bios yet?
    Usually pressing del or F8 while starting up will get you into your bios setup.
    Then i thinks it's 'advanced bios settings' (or something similar) that might allow you to select USB as boot device.
    Now it will probably say something like cdrom, hda. Try to select USB.
    First off you should find a distro that will fit to a USB pen. Maybe 'damn small linux' would fit. You also might be lucky with a debian network install.

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