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    Installing Linux On Old System?

    Hi All, I need big help from you guyz, I need to make a webserver for my site for which my friend donated me a old (very old) system.

    IBM 300GL
    Intel P2 300
    96 MB Ram
    2 GB Hard
    Cd - Floppy Drive
    A Network Card (Cnet 10/100)

    I am currently running Windows XP Pro on it to meet my needs. I can't install apache bcoz of ram and mysql too so thats y use Abyss to meet my php needs. What I need from you guys to guide me well. I mean which distro do I install and that distro's system requirements will meet my needs and will that distro be able to perform awesome on this machine. And please also tell me how to install that distro from network on Windows XP system. Bcoz I don't have writer for cds.

    Any Kind of help ?

    One thing more I m totally new to Linux things I don't even knows what they looks like.. I m Windows XP guy so it must have GUI like windows xp and it should be easy


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    I'm working with even older hardware

    Think I can help you though. Webservers don't take up alot of ram or CPU speed. You're windows xp is using alot of this right now so you might want to get rid of it. I can get you e-Smith SME Server 5.5 or TurboLinux Server 6.5 for just 2.49 and free shipping.

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    Other Issue

    Other things I noticed that I can't boot from CD too. I need to install it from network please guide me. Just like windows can install from network. I mean i have XP on so I just copy iso images to other computer and access it from that computer.

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    You can't boot from the cd?

    Did you change the boot menu in the system's bios?

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    Yes I checked i can't bios don't support cd boot. I also updated to new version of bios but can't boot from cds and network.. So only option is to boot from harddisk or fdd. too bad bcoz I was dreaming to get linux on today.

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    billa_bh, if you have a floppy drive I'd look at this:

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    Get force-get May The Source Be With You

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    I got a better idea.

    Not to worry billa_bh. You can disconnect the hard drive until the cd boots. At this point it hasn't begun a detection of the HDD anyway. Then after the cd boots you reconnect the wire.

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    All right guyz I found that bios was never updated bcoz I make the floppy writed protected. So I updated the bios from floppy and walla.. I got to boot from network and cd too. this is gr8.. Now I have managed to get friend's fedora core 2 cds. they r 4 of them.

    So I have windows xp on it and both of partision are NTFS. C:\ got windows on it and order. Now tell me from the start what to do now. I booted from linux bootable cd then what. I mean i know i have make my hard to FAT to access accors the network. but how I make it FAT. plz guide.

    Thank u guyz.

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    I also own a webserver and want to make the switch from Win2k to Linux. I'm not a noob to Linux but I don't know what distro to use...
    I am also running on old hardware (amd k6-500mhz, 192mb ram...)
    Is your offer still up for shipping in Canada, Richard?

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    Pure magic on one floppy:

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