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    Problem with Dlink DGE 500T

    Hi there
    i have a dlink DGE 500t network card and i am trying to install it but the module is compiled for the kernel 2.2.17 but i am using Suse linux 7.2 Pro with kernel 2.4.4. Whene i try to recompile the module ia getting Error message.

    any help ?


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    What error do you get, exactly?

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    here is the error:
    in the included from sp.c:18
    nsmtypes.h:5:module.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:6:kernel.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:7:version.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:8:modversions.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:9ci.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:11:ioport.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:12:io.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:13:byteorder.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:14:delay.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:18:netdevice.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:19:etherdevice.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:20:skbuffer.h:no such fiel or directory
    nsmtypes.h:21:if_ether.h:no such fiel or directory
    make ***[sp.o] Error 1

    here is also the makefile for the card:

    INCLUDEDIR = /usr/include


    OBJS = dgem.o
    all: $(OBJS)
    dgem.o: sp.o hsm.o dge.o
    $(LD) -r $^ -o $@


    rm -f *.o *~ core

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    You will need to install the kernel source code.

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    The source you have isn't compatible with 2.4 series. You should enable National Semiconductor DP83820 support support in your kernel to support that card. You might have to update to the lastest kernel though since I am not sure if that version has this support.

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