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    SuSe 9.2 Dual Booting (Booting Problems)

    I'm sure there is an answer to this question somewhere, but I looked around for a while and couldn't find anything. So I apologize if this is a repeat.

    I have 2 physical hard drives. 1 is partitioned into a C: drive, for my Windows XP Professional OS, and then also a D: drive from music, movies, and other data.

    My other physical hard drive, E:, is 80 gigs, and I want to install SuSe Linux 9.2 Professional onto it. I downloaded the 5 CD set and burned them onto CD's. My problem is, when I put CD1 into my CD-Rom drive, and attempt to boot from it, it won't boot from the CD, and goes to Windows XP. I set my BIOS to boot from CD only, and it tells me "no OS found."
    I tried looking around for ways to boot from a floppy or something, but found no answer that I could understand.
    I also tried to boot from CD on my brother's computer, and again, it didn't work, so I'm really not sure where the problem lies.

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    Did you perform an md5sum to ensure that the download completely succesfully?

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    Did you burn the cd's correctly? When you look at the cd's from Windows, do you see a bunch of files, or just one? If it is just one, you did not burn them correctly.
    Look here for burning instructions,

    Hopethis helps.
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