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    Come to think of it when i had college linux It installed without any fuss about either video card (except that it defaulted the resolution to a higher one than my monitor was capable of and i had to find another monitor i could hook up so i can go in and change the resolution back to 1024x76 but that distribution looked like split so i got rid of it (the system fonts gave me a headache and i couldnt change it to any suitable font for me - that and it wasnt as slick as red hat)

    Maybe Ill get those other linux's if they worked for you.

    Im going to get a new mobo and processor soon so my problem would be fixed then but still i think its worthwhile to see if i could resolve this problem

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    Red hat had it in its list

    thats when i put selected the drivers but i think it applied them to the built in gfx cd and not the pci

    there is no need for 3D accelerated games on linux? I dont know how most people use linux but i want it for the great (FREE) c++ compiler so i didnt know people dont play 3d games on it.

    Jake is my name cuz Jake is the name that they call me.

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    are you certain? i know ATI has not made drivers for the 7000. well at leased last i checked. i know they have RADEON drivers in the installation. but i never seen the 7000 card specificly i think they have them for the 9700 and 8500. but at any rate. are you sure you saw the 7000? maybe they just labeled it that for ease of installation.

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    look man I know what i saw. It had in its list the ATI Radeon 7000

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    It might very well be in the list, only that it probably refers to a generic driver of some sort. RedHat often puts in a lot of extra stuff to make people feel good. For example, you can select every single individual model of the nVidia cards, but it won't make any difference which one you choose; it will just pick the "nv" driver anyway.

    Anyway, have you come to any conclusion? Are you going with another distribution, or do you want continued help with getting RH to work?

    Btw., you can play games very well on Linux. It's just that it's almost only nVidia that provides good drivers, and very few games are ported to Linux. If you have an nVidia card and play a ported game, though, it does run faster that on Winbloze.

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    The conclusion? there is no conclusion - im stuck with my winbloze. Im thinking of upgrading soon to a new mobo and that will solve the conflict between the onboard and the pci

    Im sticking with redhat - its the only one that worked for me. I tried others

    arklinux: screen goes out at command prompt even before xwin starts
    debian: error in install and cant go further
    colllege: worked! but it was way too buggy and things just suck on it. not one font in that looks fairway decent
    mandrake: error on install cant get passed it
    redhat: works! but with a messed up gfx cd like the way this one looks and feels though

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    ok i solved it

    I just had to make sure that when i installed the card that i dont select to enable acceleration.

    Dont really need acceleration in linux anyways.

    this was KEWL thanks for your help

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    it is a pci card right? coz the thign with acceleration not workign sounds a lot like the problems some ppl have with agp cards not getting their video memory assigned properly.

    if someone who knows how to fix that problem posted up a solution it might work for jake.

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