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Thread: configuring x

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    configuring x

    Is there a standard way of configuring X on all these linux distro's, or is each on propreitary.

    What Information do i need?

    Monitor Type, Specs like Sync.

    Video card type of course.

    Driver Type?

    What files can i edit manually? to get a system up and running.

    Im trying all sorts of distros from debbie to FreeBSD to Redhat.

    It seems that Redhat has the best support for X server configuration also SUSE but i want to learn how to fix any X server configuration problem.

    Can someone give me pointers or maybe a HOWTO that explains it all. It really bugs me to install a distro and then have it fail @ the X Config.

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    the X configuration is stored in a file at /etc/X11/XF86Config

    you can edit the fiel manually, or you can run "xf86config" at a command line and it should take you though setting it up, but you will need to know the sync ranges of your monitor, videocard type and RAM size (for the videocard)

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