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    Dual boot Linux and Windows

    Hello Linux Community:

    I am a new Linux user who has begun to use Fedora Core Three. I have the complete distribution of Fedora Core Three on my server, however, I would like to create a dual boot for Windows Server 2000, also. Currently, as I am writing, I am installing Windows 2000 on my server. I believe, according to Linux experts, first install Windows, then Linux.

    However, I am somewhat apprehensive about corrupting my Basic Input Output System, forcing my hard drive not to be able to boot. Is this possible? (I do have backups of all my data - including my previous Linux install and Windows install of the server.)

    I would like to know how to boot Fedora Core 3 and Windows 2000 Server. I would like to have them boot on one hard drive, only. (It seems like all these forums do not really give any detail directions on how to complete this task.)

    I am still "new" and "young" to Linux, thus, requiring some more-in-detailed directions.

    If anybody could perhaps point me off to a location, that shows screen shots and/or directions of this task, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I am really looking forward to using Linux and Fedora Once again, any help would be great!


    P.S. Here is an overall summary of the goal:

    -Dual Boot Windows 2000 and Fedora Core 3
    -Windows 2000 Server Already Installed
    -Only install on 1 hard drive
    -Windows 2000 is formatted NTFS

    P.P.S What problems could I face in the future once getting these operating systems working? For example, if I were to install a Microsoft Service Pack, would it damage my dual boot? What about backup?

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    I'm not sure what kind of installation program FC3 has. I'm guessing it's something graphical that gives you plenty of options?

    All distros that I have tried give you the option to add partitions to the installation drive before you install. You'll want to create a new Linux partition on your Windows drive. In my experience there is very little chance of harming Windows (and zero chance of harming the BIOS) during this process.

    Once Linux finishes installing it will also usually install a bootloader. This will give you a menu at start-up asking which OS you want to run. Your BIOS should be fine and both operating systems will work perfectly and completely independently from each other.

    Again, I don't know the exact procedure for FC3, but I should be pretty much like what I've described.

    Just to summarize:

    1. Boot from your Linux install CD.
    2. When the installer gets to the disk partitioning stage, choose to create a new Linux partition on your Windows drive. Don't use the whole drive, obviously!
    3. After the installer finishes, reboot and select Linux or Windows from the bootloader.

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    FC3 install program


    I'm pretty sure that all the Fedora Core installations are handled by a program called Anaconda.

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    Re: FC3 install program

    Quote Originally Posted by profanity42

    I'm pretty sure that all the Fedora Core installations are handled by a program called Anaconda.
    This is correct

    and yes, it is a graphical installer that is fairly straight forward.... one of the reasons it's a common starter distro like SuSE and MDK
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