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    Want to delete NTFS partition, move some others

    Running Slackware 10.0 and Windows XP. All I use Windows for is games, but now that I have another computer I can just use that instead. Here's my partition setup:

    hda1> primary NTFS bootable 13 gig
    hda2> primary linux swap 512mb
    hda5> logical ext3 2 gig mounted at / (also contains /usr and /opt)
    hda6> logical ext3 20.5 gig mounted at /home
    hda7> logical NTFS 3.5 gb

    hda1 is drive letter C: in Windows; hda7 is drive letter E:

    Here's what I want to do:

    + wipe the ntfs partitions clean (i.e., get rid of Windows completely)
    + combine the new free space together
    + make a 4 gb partition at /opt using this new free space
    + make a 4 gb partition at /usr as well
    + add the rest of the free space to /home
    + move my existing /opt and /usr folders to their new partitions

    So I want to end up with:
    hda?> swap
    hda?> a 2gb / partition, bootable
    hda?> a 4gb /usr partition
    hda?> a 4gb /opt partition
    hda?> a ~28-29gb /home partition (whatever's left over from the free space)

    Here's the kicker: I have roughly 18 gb of files on the /home partition I need to keep (music, pictures, documents, etc.), so I need to do all of this without losing that data. I don't even mind wiping all my other partitions out and reinstalling Slack if I have to (just downloaded 10.1, so maybe not a bad idea), but that /home partition absolutely MUST remain intact. This machine has no network connection and I don't have enough CDs to burn all the data for backup.

    I'm not going to ask for a step-by-step (but if you're feeling particularly helpful, I'll take that), but rather just some pointers on where to begin. What software and commands should I look into? Does Knoppix have any resizing tools that might make this easier? Or would it just be easier to wipe everything except /home clean and do it that way?


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    Whoops ... meant to post this in Misc, not Installation. Apologies if it's in the wrong place.

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    Go to the local microcenter. 100 cd's for 15 bucks, or borrow someone's external.

    The latter would be ideal, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do, and with your spare drives combined you still only have 18.5 gigs. Maybe that'll work though.

    good luck

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