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Thread: redhat trouble

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    redhat trouble

    hey all Im have a problem with the install of redhat 9.0 I can install fine but after the install when I attempt to log into the desktop I recieve a messege saying incorrect username or password. When finishing the install I recieve an error messege saying that there was some trouble seting the user account but I continue anyways cause it says that I need a user account other thatn root /. I how can I fix this.

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    log in as root, then go to....preferences maybe and there's an option called User Accounts, go there and you can create more account. If it's not under preferences look under the other menus for it.

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    hey thx mado I figured it out. I wasn't sure how to log in as root and I kept entering the root symbol with no sucess until I typed the word 'root'. I appriate your help

    I have another question whenever I logout and save settings and later return and enter the desktop the prefereces the basics like window settings background and splash screens return to the default how can i change this or do I have to belonged in as root to make the changes stay as a type of default setting.

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    you should be able to save your desktop settings as your normal user (in fact every different user should be able to save their own settings [you could, of course, have many people using your machine]).

    If this still doesn't happen, I suggest another (new) post.

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