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    dual boot RH9 and Gentoo 2004.3

    My machine already runs RH9 and I am happy with it. I want to install Gentoo 2004.3 without erasing RH9 or the data. I have the boot CDs for Gentoo.

    Can I get elaborate help on how to go about doing this? I have read the installation handbook for Gentoo, but have not come across a dual boot or details on how to install without erasing the existing OS.

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    Do you have a partition ready for gentoo to go into? If not, you need to find a way to make one.
    Install Gentoo either without a bootloader or put the bootloader on the Gentoo root partition.

    Then, after installing Gentoo, reboot, go into your Redhat. Open a terminal, su into root, type "mkdir /mnt/Gentoo", then "mount /dev/hdax /mnt/Gentoo.

    Then type "cd /mnt/Gentoo/boot/grub" Then type "less grub.conf, look for the file.

    Then type "cd /boot/grub", then you will need to edit the grub.conf file with your favorite text editor. i will describe using vi.
    Type "vi grub.conf", the "i" to et into IN/SERT mode, then add these 2 lines.
    title Gentoo
    kernel (hd0,x) /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.xxxx root= /dev/hdax
    Hit ESC to go to command mode, type "ZZ" to save your work, then reboot into your Gentoo system.

    If you use LiLo, substitute lilo for grub
    hd0,0=hda1 first partitiion on the first hard drive
    hd0,3=hda4 fourth partition on the first hard drive
    hd1,4=hdb5 fifth partition on the second hard drive

    You can skip the making and mounting of the Gentoo directory, if you know the full name of the kernel.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the details. i do not have a partition ready to go into gentoo. i shall have to make one.

    will try it out and let you know what i manage to do. thanks again

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    well, tried working on the partition and discovered that i do not have enough space on the hard disk.

    will need to cleanly install gentoo replacing redhat. other than taking a back up of all the data, is there any other way of simply upgrading to gentoo from redhat?

    i am quite new at this and would really like to learn and would appreciate all the help that i can get.

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