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    installing mandrake 9.1 total newbie question

    Hi there,
    Im in the process of downloading mandrake 9.1 , i had a bash at knoppix and liked it so decided to install a proper linux operating system to see if i could cope with it

    Anyway, before i start installing it i have a few questions that are not described in the help files on the site to clearly.

    Windows is on C I have some extra program files on D so i would like to install linux on a spare partition E. Is this quite simple to do??

    Also, I remember someone saying that a boot loader would be installed, Is there a way so that there is just a brief pause to choose booting into linux before it boots into xp so that there is not a greater amount of time added on to my reboot time? OR i have also heard that i could do without a bootloader if i just put it on a floppy and when i want to use linux boot from the floppy? how would i go about that?


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    if you have more unpartitiond space then you can make a new one aside from C: and D: .
    and yes it will install a bootloader that will let you decide on boot up what you want to load

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    Indeed, you will need some unpartitioned space to create a Linux partition. If you don't have that, you will either need to remove a partition, resize one, or put in another hard drive.

    And yes, you can alter the amount of time the boot loader shows its menu. You can also, like you said, choose not to install one and just use a boot floppy. The installation procedure will guide you through it.


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