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Thread: Anaconda Script

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    Anaconda Script

    well let me explain..
    Im using a Red Hat 7.3 on my servers.. which are very simple and contains basically only the system, MySQL, and Sofs (my service).
    well there is my problem...
    i wish to customize my own Anaconda, in way that, it let my system ready to use after the instalation (with the right system packs, MySQL, and Sofs installed and runnig ).
    i know how to swish the packs to be installed, editing the script ( hehe more or less )... buuuttt..
    how to include a new pre-configurated service?
    **i dont know if this is possible.. but does anybody knows how pre configure MySQL to build some tables?

    ty =D

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    why not build a default system as you want it, then make an "image" of it. when you need to setup another system the same, just burn the image onto the HD. Im not sure how to do this though.

    On the mysql front, if you can get the server started, then just make a text file, and put in the commands you would use to make the databases, eg a file like:


    USE foo;

    CREATE TABLE tbl_one (id INTEGER NOT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY KEY, data varchar(200));
    then execute: "mysql -h localhost -u root -p<password> < <file_just_created_above>"


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    the problem is exatly..
    how to create this image?
    is there any software for this?


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