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    Need a Linux System


    I'd like to learn more about Linux as the ISP that I work at uses Linux for all of their servers. I know some features of Linux but not a lot. I will be using the IPChains feature to hook up a small network (I have cable internet). I'll also be messing with DNS, Sendmail, Apache and a few other things. However I do need a new computer to run Linux and I'm not sure what to get. Are there any large concerns over building one? Can I just pick up a cheap $75 Duron processor/motherboard combo and use that? Anyone know of any prebuilt machines online?


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    dude! you would appreciate this site, trust me, it is very useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You can use almost anything, but stay away from WinModems, unusual USB stuff (like USB ADSL modems or USB printers that don't use the standardized USB serial or parallell protocols) and nForce chipsets.
    Also, you don't want to use ipchains. ipchains was the old Linux 2.2 firewalling tool. The new tool for the 2.4 and upcoming 2.6 series is called iptables. It's part of the netfilter tree, so you can find info on it at
    But then again, as skyfolly says, don't underestimate google. If you can use properly, you will find that almost any problem that you'll encounter has been solved at least ten times before.


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