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    Two button wheel mouse with debian

    I have finally got Linux installed on my slave drive. I've installed Debian Woody on the slave with Win98 on the master. It took a while to get my monitor and video card configured but I;ve got it. Next up is getting the mouse right and sound card to work. From what I've read about getting the sound working it is very difficult for a newbe and so I'll put that off until I get more experience. But the mouse should be easier.

    Anyone have advice on how to set it up? I used dpkg-configure to set up the Xfree86Config-4 file for the monitor refresh rates. I assume I should do the same for the mouse. Currently, the mouse is set as p/s2 aux and works except for scrolling. Should I edit Xfree86Config-4 file with vi and insert some lines about scrolling?

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    I just installed debian and know of the problems you are having. I can't seem to get X to work - it keeps saying that tdfx (which is for my voodoo 3) is not a loaded module so I have to figure out how to add it.

    In terms of your mouse, usually the imps/2 identifier works so I am not sure what else you could change. What is your Axis mapping set to? Try "4" "5". Sometimes that does the trick.

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    Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

    Stick that under the mouse device and your scroll button will work.


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