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    Problems installing Slackware

    I came across a problem while trying to boot my computer with Slackware. The system already has XP and Fedora installed. Both of them work fine, and I have the option to pick which one during boot. I just installed Slackware, I chose the LILO option, and then I rebooted. After POST completes, the word GRUB appears, and it freezes. I can't get into the screen to pick which OS to load, nothing happens. I can't get into safe mode or anything. Must be some kind of conflict. I checked the forum and couldn't find anything related to my situation. If anybody has any info on how I could fix this, please let me know. The only thing I have on my is my XP install cd and my Fedora install cd(s).

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    You should check Nerderello's GRUB tutorial, which can be found here.

    The grub prompt you get is that a GRUB_ or is it grub>?
    If it is the first one, you are going to have to reinstall Grub.
    The second one is a little easier, just redirecting grub to where it should be.
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    If I were you, and wanted all three systems on my computer with grub as the bootloader, I would partition my hard drive(s) so that all the systems were separate, then install Windows normally, then Slackware without installing lilo (during the setup), then Fedora last(because it's the one with grub). During the installation of grub, it should detect all your installed os's and ask you to make an entry for each.

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    Did'nt you hear it? He selected LILO. I did the same thing when I formatted the FC1-partition and installed slackware, but I installed LILO to root, not to MBR . Make sure you selected to install LILO to MBR, and if it failed, reinstall LILO. If you can, make a bootdisc aswell, so you can boot into slackware and reconfigure LILO there, and reinstall LILO without reinstalling slackware.

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