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    Looking for a free Linux OS for my Laptop Dell Inspiron 3000

    Hello I am very new to the site. I am also new to using Linux OS.
    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop Model No: TS30H. I paid only 5$ for it with all the goodies Docking Station & removable CD & Floppy drives.

    I was hoping to get an OS for this laptop I would only use it at Collage & around the house for homework.

    Is there a good system out there for my laptop?

    I know for a fact that this laptop has a 2gig hard drive & a Pentium Processor (1)

    If there is a system out there can I get it for free

    i did how ever find this linux

    maybe someone can downalod what i a d/l
    Here is what you need to download:

    and then walk me thru it

    i am useing nero 6

    <---- is a DJ learning to become a Computer Geek

    it is going on an old school laptop with a 2gig HD made in 1996

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    Hi Retro_Killa,

    If I am correct, that distro is Damn Small Linux. DSL is a distro that runs off of a CD. It does not install itself to the hard drive (although there might be the option to do so but I'm not sure). Since you do not have a big hard drive to work with, your options are limited. I use Ubuntu and will admit I am biased towards it, so I would regularly recommend it. For this case though, most of the major distros (including Ubuntu) may not be the best fit for you. Go to and read some reviews and descriptions for some of the distros they have listed on that site. I am sure there are some decent distros that are made with computers like yours in mind. This is the wonder of open source.

    Best of luck in finding a distro,
    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    i found this...

    dose anyone think this will run fine on my OS ? it looks fun and very easy to use...

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    DSL will install to the hard drive.
    When you boot up with it. page down on the Window that comes up on the desktop, you will see directions for installing to the hard drive.
    I am not sure if Slax will install to the hard drive though.
    Another distro to look at is Feather linux.
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    Here, where else?
    here this might help.....................

    Setting up Slackware 10 on a Dell Inspiron 3000

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    On the ubuntu 5.04-cover it says that the minimum requirements are 32 MB RAM and 350 MB harddrive for a minimal innstall, or 1.8 GB harddrive for a typical install... But (as usual) I drag gentoo into the picture, if you follow the manual it should work fine (and the slower CPU you have, the bigger difference is notised),,,

    Whatever distro you choose, you should probably go for a lightweight windowmanager instead of the heavy gnome or KDE to get some speed... Flubox as windowmanager, links2 with X-driver as browser and some lightweight other apps should work fine. You might also consider Kdrive or Xserver instead of the more heavy xorg/xfree86.

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