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    Trouble with WinXP & Mandrake

    Here is what happened. Last night I downloaded all the ISOs for Mandrake 9.0. I burned all them images to CDs and ran them. During the install of the files errors came up eventually leading to the system only booting up to a console. I reburned and reinstalled but the same thing happened. So I decided to use my copy of Mandrake 8.1 that someone gave to me and it installed perfectly. Now the problem is that when the computer starts up, WinXP isnt listed there. When I had Mandrake 9.0 installed it listed Linux, Linux-nofb,NT, and Floppy. But now I can only use Linux, linux-nofb, or floppy. Before the install of Mandrake 9 I used partition magic to give me a partition just for linux. The question is, is there a way to configure how the computer boots up when I only have access to the Linux OS? Or should I just format the whole computer, reinstall WinXP then Mandrake 8.1, then upgrade to Mandrake 9.0. I really dont want to have to format and lose everything, I did backup all my important software and documents, but I dont want to lose thousands of mp3s
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    For the love of God, someone please have the answer

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    well you are not answering aim so...

    please tell us your HDD setup, how many - and as much as you can tell about the partitions, where windows was installed - and where did you install LILO/GRUB to?

    Quiet brain, or I\'ll stab you with a Q-tip.

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    i went out after posting the thread

    MY hdd is divided in 3 partitions. One giant parition for Windows XP, a 5 gig partition for Mandrake, and there is a 32mb or something like that parition that Windows XP suposidly needs. I think that 32mb one is in FAT format. The Winxp partition is ntfs, and i forgot what the linux one was. To partition thedrives I used Partition Magic 8 and this had an option where it will make a partition for installing a specific OS. So I did that and it made a Linux partition. When I access the bootloaders while on Mandrake it had these options:

    Bootloader to use:
    - Grub
    - LILO with graphical menu
    - LILO with text menu

    Boot device:

    Delay before booting default image: 5

    As I recall, the partition with windows was callled hda2 and the linux partition was hda3.

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    So did you choose GRUB or LILO?

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    Both are installed but the one selected is "LILO with GUI." Some people I talked to recommended using Grub, but I dont see what the difference would be.

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    GRUB is much better, but LILO works.
    Add this to your /etc/lilo.conf file:
    Then run lilo and you're all set.

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    thx, ill give it a shot and see what happens. Unfortuately I came across another problem. I had my mouse enabled and it was working fine until I changed the setting to "Wheel mouse." So now my mouse doesnt work at all and I have been trying to navigate around using tab and enter. Is there a way to control the mouse cursor using the arrow keys like in windows? Or is there a way to enable the mouse using the console? Or is there a way to access submenus using the keyboard because I can get to the configuration area where I can enable the mouse, but I cant get to the tab that says "Mouse" by using the tab button or arrows. Any ideas? Right now Im using one of my other computers. If I dont reply for a while it is because my family mainly uses this computer.

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    There are keyboard shortcuts for almost everything. Navigate in menus using the arrow keys (right arrow to enter a submenu).

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    well, i can navigate through the KDE "StartMenu" alright, but when I opened up one of those configuration things, It lists options like:

    I am not able to get the the one labeled Mouse. I asked someone and they told me that I can enable or configure the mouse through console. So I went under the StartMenu, hen Terminals, then used the Superuser one. I typed in "xf86config" and it brought up a configuration thing. SO now Im just trying out all the mice listed until I get it working. I have a Logitech DualOptical and it uses a PS/2 port but on my computer I use an adapter for the USB in the back. Once I get the mouse working Ill have a chance to try out the boot thing.

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    forget about the mouse. I typed in "mousedrake" while in a teminal and the mouse is working fine. I started to try the LILO thing then realized I didnt know how to edit it. Would you happen to know what the command line is to edit it? Maybe I will come across the answer before anyone sees the post by using the man command.

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