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    Image edges in GRUB

    The left edge of the image on my monitor is not vertical. It's inclined at about 20 degrees, but the rest of the margins are OK. This happens only in GRUB bootloader. After booting in RHEL4, the margins are OK. My video card is a nVidia GeForce 2 Ti (recognized as GeForce 2 GTS). How can I correct this problem?

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    You're pretty much going to have to live with it. Different monitors react in different ways in different resolutions. For example, on my SyncMaster 213T monitor, all the edges are lined up in 1600x1200 mode, but when I switch to 800x600, things are off the edge. Some monitors skew, some trapezoid, (your's seems to be doing a combination of the two), some resize, some don't even have the right frame rate and it looks like the image is scrolling. People have yet to make an incredibly awesome affordable monitor that does none of those.
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