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    Installing Windows on Linux machine

    How and whats the easiest way to install Windows back on a machine that has Linux on it right now. It has Fedora Core 3 installed on it right now. I really need to get Windows XP Pro back on it. I have tried a couple of ways and have failed.

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    Can I assume that you want to save FC3, and that you have a partition set for Windows to go into.
    If these are true, it should be easy to get Windows back on this pc
    And all you should have to do is to reinstall Grub or Lilo. A tutorial can be found here for doing this.

    If this doesn't work, let us know what you have tried, and what errors you are getting.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, but I want to get Linux completely off my system. I just want windows.

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    Sad to hear that.... shame on you!

    Well, if thats what you want

    1. If you have a current windows installation and want it back, then boot a linux installation CD or a DOS partition manager (try hiren's boot cd that contains a bundle of useful apps), erase all linux partitions (swap, ext*, etc..), then load a DOS boot disk and type
    fdisk /mbr
    To get windows back again in the MBR

    2. If you dont have a windows currently installed, then you can follow the steps above (all but the last one), and then plainly install windows, or install windows on top of Linux and then, from inside it, with a partition manager like partition magic, erase Linux partitions

    I hope I explained myself well, cheers

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