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    Kernel up gradation for RH9 with kernel 2.6.11 sources on SA

    HI All,
    I need strong help for this I am trying to install Linux RH9 on SATA HDD
    but I am getting error so i tried with another kernel version i.e. linux-2.6.11 now think is that after up gradation of kernel I am trying to boot mechine but at the time of booting process I am getting error
    [/img][b]Kernel panic - not syncing : vfs:unable to mount root fs on unknown -block (0,0)
    I am using p iv, intel mother board 915,
    os :-RH9 kernel version
    upgradated kernel version 2.6.11
    please help me I want to install it for my company perpose
    replay me

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    Was there any kind of error while upgrading the linux kernel?

    Did u see and note the notifications that the kernel gave when it was being installed?

    Normally, redhat provides an option where, u can keep the old kernel in your system and also install the new kernel and work with them.

    The error message
    "Kernel panic - not syncing : vfs:unable to mount root fs on unknown -block (0,0)"

    may indicate, that, it is not able to find the device or the "/" filesystem on the disk.

    Using your bootable disk or the Bootable CD of RH9, check the command "mount" at the terminal and find where are the devices actually mapped. May be that wud help me to tell u further what is supposed to be done.

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    Kernel Upgredation

    Ok Due to my R&D I loss my data anyway but I want to know how to upgrade kernel now I am trying to upgrade kernel on RH 9 but this time I am not using SATA or PATA HDD I am using Seagate 40 GB HDD which have RH9 so anybody help me how I can move forward
    (Ple. start from initial stage) This will help me more
    I have RH9 and kernel source 2.6.10 now tell me what I need more?

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