As I told here, I am trying to install gentoo in an external USB hard drive

spencerf suggested a link where the problem seems to be fixed.

The problem now is that when I try to copy from the previous initrd mounted directory to the new one initrd it grows almost 13 times!
# mount initrd.mdk -o loop /mnt/images
# du /mnt/images
1699    /mnt/images/bin
# cp -R /mnt/images/* /root/myInitrd
# du /root/myInitrd
35264    /root/myInitrd/bin
I do not know what can it be wrong. Does it have any relation with the block size? I am just copying from one directory to another.

I am not creating the initrd.img with the params given because if I do, the files do not fit, so I just create I directory to see how big it was ... 35MiB!

Thanks in advance



Although I have not solved the growing problem I have done what I wanted.

I have edited the linuxrc of the initrd and added a few lines:
* I have created the '/dev/sda*' manually with the mknod tool.
* I have added a sleep because the problem seems to be related with a delay in the detection progress: once I have created the /dev/sda5 device, this it not accesible, but after a while it is.

I hope no one has to deal with that problem but I left that here just in case.

Thanks to all