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    Is this Possible? please look :O

    hi, ive been googling for a while now and havnt found any good information on what im looking to do. here is the lowdown:

    basicly i want to install two, 74GB SATA hard drives into my computer when i upgrade it. i want it to be set up a certian way, and im wondering if its possible.

    I want the first sata drive ( drive 1 ) to have windows XP home on it. I am going to use it mostly for games only.

    On the second sata drive ( drive 2 ) i want to install windows XP pro, and also some version of linux. id prolly want give windowsXP pro about 40GB and then give the rest to the linux partition ( 74 - 40 = 34gb left for linux ). Id mainly be useing this drive when i program/do work type stuff. I was only going to install winXP pro to the second drive, but id like to start playing with linux. im pretty newb when it comes to linux for the most part.

    when im on one drive , say the windowsXP home one, i want the other drive to be invisable and unable for me to accidently save stuff to it. same for when im on the windowsXP pro, or if im in linux. i hope you understand what im asking, i know i didnt really explain it super good. ive built several comps before but ive never partitiond drives or installed multiple OSs to the same computer.

    would this be possible? also if it is, what version of linux should i install. And when the comp turns on will i be able to just pick Winxp Home / Pro / or linux??

    these are my comp specs

    ASUS A8V deluxe
    AMD64 3500+
    2 GB of dual channel ram
    ati 9800 pro
    the hard drive would prolly be two SATA, 74GB western digital raptors.

    edit: i think the linux version i am gona use would be this Suse one.

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    Hope this helps

    To make the XP pro drive not show up in the XP home version you have to run compmgmt.msc
    and use disk mangement to not assign a drive letter to the other OS drive.

    Windows will not recognise a Linux partition.

    Linux will recognise a windows partitions if the file type is in the kernel. However to use it you have to mount it. (Fedora Core don't have ntfs support by default, you have to add it your self.)

    If you want linux to occasionly write to a windows drive, format one as fat32 because its easier for linux to write to

    Hope some of this helps

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