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Thread: about the swap

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    One usfull thing I find about SWAP is that it gives you a chance to find any programs with memory leaks and close them. I have 512MB RAM, and 1008MB SWAP - ridiculasly large I know, but im means that I get that extra few minutes to find the progam with the mem leak, so I can shut it down and save myself the hastle af the camp restaring by itself.

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    I don't multitask. I generally have one app open at a time, sometimes two, and so I don't seem to need too much memory. Sometimes my system slows down, and when I do open a lot of apps, it slows down a lot, and init (I think, maybe something else) kills programs eating away at memory. What I meant was that I turned the swap off and I didn't notice any significant slowdown, but normally, I do run with 1G of swap, just in case. I realize that's a bit excessive by most standards, but I don't have much memory, and my processor's slow, so I like to have things just a tad excessive in everything else. I'm in the process of ordering a new computer with 1G or 1.5G of ram, and I'll probably have little, if any, swap on that machine.
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