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    From a hard disk

    With plenty hard disk space these days what is needed to be possible to copy any distro from its CD or DVD onto a hdd partition and then install from the hard disk, without further use of optical -or floppy- ? Oh, and NO network.

    IOW, hdd is 60Gb and the last 10Gb to be used for the distro source. The install to go to maybe a Primary or logical sitting after an established different Primary installation.

    Should the source copy be on a Linux filesystem?

    I ask because I suppose a tiny bootable partition is required - either minimalist of the same distro or some specific small distro - and probably its FSTAB could point to the source as a DOS or ext2 or 3.

    And if so, given a modern BIOS, should I need to consider where the partition boundaries are WRT the 1024 cyl limit?

    I know the distros have a facility for a bootable floppy to get started but I have never seen anything similar for a hdd. What shell incantations would be needed to say: start that install routine on /dev/hdwhatever?

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    Depends on the distro: it may be do-able with all distros if you work at it, but the ones that are easier for beginners to install will be harder to do this way because they need to do things their way. I know it can be done easily and pretty much the same as a "normal" CD install with Slackware and Gentoo. Fedora would take more effort, I think
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