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    i used to be into linux a few years ago, but now after living in windows for a while i want to go back to linux. However windows has also made me all user-friendly and "dumber".

    I decided to try redhat 8.0

    i downloaded the first 3 .iso cd images or something as it said.

    now what do i do, do i simply put these 3 big files on to seperate cds and they boot?

    or is there a program that abstracts the iso and puts them on cd or something.

    this will sound so silly to you people i know but im new to it again.

    if i remeber correctly linux cds dont just have the image they have many files, so what do i do with the iso files?

    cos on the redhat site it said the its not just the case of copying the images to cd...

    sorry im confused help!


    please reply asap cos i wanna get linux on asap.

    also is fips program good for splitting drives or is there any other programs?

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    The .iso files (iso as in ISO 9660, the standard CD file system) are CD data tracks in raw format. In linux, you can mount them directly as CDs (using a loop device, of course).
    You'll have to burn them raw. I don't know what burner program that you use, but there are some free ones for windows out there to burn .iso files. I don't remember any names, though. There might be one called just ISO Burner or something similar.

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    i use a ahead nero for Windows.

    In the program, it allows me to open files, if i click on the file format drop down menu and select iso and then open it the .iso i got, the write window opens up, whether this will just copy the .iso or convert i dont know

    or if you know any programs or know if this program does i be most greatful. i want linux on cd lol.

    thanx for replyin tho!

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    iso files

    As dolda has stated, you need to burn the iso files. Do NOT burn the iso file directly. There is a method to burning iso files. Again, I don't know what cd writing software you have but once you do burn the iso file, you should get the actual redhat cds. If you are using roxio, you need to choose the "record CD from CD image" under the File tab.

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    under the file menu on my program there an option that says "burn image" and then it opens the "open" dialogue witht the file formats been .iso etc?

    would this be it?

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    Also while im here is fips a good program?

    cos i got one hard drive i dont wanna go through the proccess of reinstallin unless i have too, so would fips split it or is there other programs?

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    the burn image works!

    thanx people!

    ur great!

    i just need to know bout fips now or other disk programs...

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    I have no idea what fips is... have you tried partition magic? You do want to create partitions, don't you?

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    but i need a free program

    basically i have one harddrive

    i have windows installed. iheard its possible to split the current drive in hald without any re-formats etc.

    also do u still need an area at the beg of the drive for lilo?

    or should i just reinstall all and partion right....

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    I don't think that GRUB needs a boot partition at the beg. of the drive, providing that your BIOS support LBA addressing, which I'd guess it does. I don't know if LILO needs it or not.

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