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    *sigh* having trouble installing any distro's

    ok i've d/l and attempted to install:

    1. ubuntu-when the system installs i get an error usually on some random file
    2. suse9.2 - not really an error but i can seen to get my nic recognized even
    3. knoppix- can't get it to format :/
    4. xandros - halts on random file :'(

    i have 2 different 80 gig maxtor hd's that i've been switching out to see if maybe that would be the problem i have a athlon xp 2000+, 1.5 gigs o' ram, geforce fx 5700 256, asus 52x24.52 and a generic 52x24x52

    i also swapped out my ide cables hoping they jusst sucked

    some one plz help me to figure out what is wrong!

    -mr.unlucky ji

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    So the three debian based distro's fail. Try Fedora, Mandrake or even Slackware.

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    ok d/ling mandrivia atm i'm anctios though

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    I'm curious about the 'file' errors. Could you post any error messages?
    Also if you couldn't format /partition, maybe you should scan the drive(s) for bad sectors/errors.
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