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Thread: New to Linux

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    New to Linux


    I'm extremely new to Linux, literally only installed it for the first time today, and i was wondering if anyone could recommend any good turorials to get me started. I kinda expected things to be fairly similar to Windows but i think i'm in for a bit of a culture; shock so to speak.

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    390 is a forum members site, I found it quite useful when I was starting out, still do as a matter of fact.

    Forums are great, especially this one. They've helped me more times than I can count, but try to do a search and see if your topic has been covered before.

    Lasty, linux rooms on IRC, some of them are evil towards newbs but some of them are pretty good. Can anyone post some good IRC rooms? I only hang out on #gentoo in EFnet.

    Lastly, see what your distro has to offer. If you're using Mandrake or Red Hat there's lots of documentation available. Just don't give up, you'll get the hang of it in no time!

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    The thing with Linux nowadays is that they're trying to make it look and feel very much like Windows, while it really is a completely different system underneath the GUI. I think that that might be kind of bad, since new users will only encounter the differences in small details, until they get under the skin of the system, which is probably more confusing than if it were directly visible that the system is different.

    Like SiezedPropaganda says, visit yowwww's guide at It has a lot a great tips for Linux beginners. Also, never forget the existance of The Linux Documentation Project and Google. TLDP has a lot of great HOWTOs that explain how to do a particular thing. I still find them useful when I'm looking for pointers to begin learning some new technology. Google is, simply put, invaluable. I don't know where the world would be without it.

    Also, if there is something in particular that you want help with, just ask away all you want here.

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    thanks for the comments guys.

    I have done a lot of work on the guide lately to add more things and update it so I think it is better than ever at this point.

    anyone who uses it can email me from the main page with specific questions also
    (not in place of forums and such, just for specific clarification on instructions on the guide)

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