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    Ya, but I reinstalled it right off afterwards. Despite the fact it is impressively useless in comparison to Linux, I still use it for all of my video editing work (i.e. Adobe Premier)

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    I went to that site you posted, that was nowhere, so I tried and that worked.
    Auditor does not have any formatting capabilities.
    In order to install it, the partition has to be reiserfs.
    If partition Magic does not have the capability to make the partition reiserfs, the Gentoo minimal installation cd does.

    Just use that for your partitioning.
    When you boot up with that cd, type cfdisk, make your partitions. Make them Linux and swap.
    Type 83 and 82 respectivlely. Then quit cfdisk, then do
    mkswap /dev/hdax
    mkreiserfs /dev/hdax
    Reboot. Now you have your partitions.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Yea, sorry bout botching that address, I fixed it a bit ago after I saw it was wrong. Stupid .org sites....

    Now thats odd, because I remember reading somewhere that it could be ext3 or reiserfs, though I am thinking I'm rather stupid for not thinking of trying the latter any sooner. Isn't it rather odd it would detect the ext3 I have FC3 on then? I'll try reiserfs just because I'm flat out of ideas, but I'm just wondering. Thank you very much for your time in all this too, it really helps!

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    Yea, going over the FAQ again I noticed a discrepency there-

    Partition magic should automatically offer to use all of the available free space, but we need to keep back at *least* 1GB of this space, for making a Swap partition. So, decrease this amount by at least 1Gb (for the Swap space). Select the type of filesystem to be used for this partition - reiserfs or etx3. Now click "Apply" to make this new partiton. Finally, repeat these steps to create a final partition, using the remaining free space, but this time selecting "Linux Swap" as the filesystem type. Apply all changes & reboot.

    Now, when you boot up using the ASC cd-rom, you can run the installer & it should automatically select the partitions you just made. Just make sure that it shows the correct partition by simply looking at the filesystem type & partition size, to make sure it's the reiserfs one, then go ahead with the install.

    In that first paragraph it says ext3 or reiserfs, then in two it says just reiserfs. Ugh, if all of this is just because I thought I could use ext3.....

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    Final Solution

    Alright, I FINALLY figured it out, and I thought I'd just let everyone know for fufutre reference. I partitioned a new primary in reiserfs of 2.3 gigs- much larger than I had before. Now, I did this by recommendation of someone who works on auditor. Apparently, the script (or REALLY CRAPPY INSTALLER) doesn't even acknowledge partitions under 2 gigs, while in their instructions for install, and even within the installer itself, they say a gig should do fine. Ugh. Headache.

    So, I think ext3 works fine in it, but I'm using reiserfs for this partition anyways. And for anyone interested in doing some serious network protection, analyzation, wired or wireless for wardriving or anything, may I recommend Auditor, even if u just have a little interest- you can boot it off the CD anyways. Its amazing and it has everything, but I'm done plugging it. Its been enough of a pain for me the past few days.

    Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me out! I really appretiate it

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