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    Earlier i mean not disks but hwo do i do it now ???I use disk druid but i cna't get over that step.

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    Now that does explain a lot. Then, there are some thing that you must do. First, redo that partition (delete it in Disk Druid; that won't touch the other partitions), and in its place, create two partitions, one of them being 256 MBs and the other one taking the rest of the space. Make the 256 MB one the swap partition, and the other one the root partition. Just type in / and nothing else in the mount point text entry. My guess is that Disk Druid will refuse to continue unless you have a swap partition as well.

    In any case, unless you have an older computer, you should still consider downloading a newer version of RedHat, since 7.1 is beginning to get ancient.

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    disk druid will allow him to continue without a swap partition, since i have used it on my backup box to create a quad boot with no swap at all.
    however, is you have the partitions and or space for a swap, you might as well use one and like dolda said, unless your box is really old, try a newer version of red hat, maybe list your specs and we can make some suggestions.

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