The problem occurs everytime i install the mplayer plugin for mozilla to be able to view the trailers in the apple website.
When i install the rpm package the plugin installs itself in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ and konqueror places it in the plugin section which means it was identified correctly by the browser.
When i try to download a file i get a grey screen telling me that the file is being requested and about 3 secs later the browser crashes. When i try to view the trailers i get an mplayer-plugin -loading movie and nothing happens (I've waited for 45 mins to view a small size trailer on a dsl connection that takes 5 secs in Windoze to load and nothing happened). When i remove the mplayer plugin the problem disappears but i still can't view online steaming video. Any ideas? Has anyone encountered this problem?
I am using Red Hat 9 and KDE.
Thanks in advance.