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    Dual Boot WinXp and Linux Mandrake

    This is the problem I have. I was using Linux Mandrake and WinXp in the same machine. In separate hardisks with WinXp in Master and Linux on the slave.

    Since WinXp me started giving me trouble I had to reformat the master and install WinXp again. Now I can't access my Linux. I think I used to have Linux on the MBR and now i have windows boot loader on the MBR. How can i get back to my Mandrake without reinstalling again and also saving the current WinXp

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    You have wiped the Linux friendly bootloader from your MBR. I'm not sure if Mandrake/Mandriva use LiLo or GrUB as its bootloader. If it uses the GrUB boot loader you should try this tutoral by Nerderello.

    If you are using LiLo, I'm not 100% sure, but if I remember corectly if you boot from the install CD there will be an option to repair the bootloader, so do this.

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    Do what ^^ said.

    Whenever you dual boot with Windows, it acts as if it's the only thing on the planet and wipes out the master boot record for it's own use. That's why you always want to install Windows AND THEN install linux. Because linux recognizes Windows and appropriatly sets up a boot loader.

    Maybe there's a way to fix this with knoppix too?
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