Hey, has anyone tried to install FC3 (or any 64bit linux distro for that matter) with the BIOS software RAID VIA VT8237 chip?

My setup:
VIA VT8237 chip running 2 x WD RAPTOR RAID 0 ARRAY

I got RH9 (kernel 2.4) running on it, but its 32bit and old.

What's the deal with SATA RAID and Kernel 2.6? Is this the issue? If so, does anyone know any 64bit distro on Kernel 2.4 that I might be able to install on my VIA VT8237 ? Thanks !!

There is a file called driverdisk.txt included in the VIA linux driver available at viaarena.com that describes the process for SUSE 9.0 64bit. Could a similar process be used for other distros, i.e. ones that aren't suse / i like? Does the process below require to me to first install a 64bit distro on an IDE drive and do all this stuff to prep for the real installation?

6). SuSE 9.0 for x86_64
         1. compile a driver for "generic x86_64" CPU type
           #cd /usr/src/linux
           #make menuconfig ;change  CPU type to "generic x86_64".
           #make dep
          back to our source code directory, make a driver
          copy viamraid.o to a floppy disk.(VFAT)
           #cp viamraid.o /mnt/floppy/viamraid.o
        2. boot from cdrom, when prompt to select language, press
          CTRL-ALT-F2, insert the floppy, run
            #mkdir aa
            #mount /dev/fd0 /aa
            #insmod /aa/viamraid.o
          press CTRL-ALT-F7 to continue
        3. after reboot, when prompt to select language, do (2) again
          when prompt where to boot from, select "Boot installed system".
        4. when asked to enter password for root, press CTRL-ALT-F2,
           #mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy
           #cp /media/floppy/viamraid.o /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/
           #vi /etc/sysconfig/kernel  ;change varialbe INITRD_MODULES to
               ;include viamraid like this: INITRD_MODULES="viamraid reiserfs jbd"
          press CTRL-ALT-F7 to finish the normal install.
           ;If system appears "Can't determine dependencies of module viamraidjgb. Is this modules.dep up to date" message. Please CTRL-ALT-F7 to finish the normal install. And run command "mkinitrd" again in terminal.

-- Jameson Williams