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    Setting up many and how much??

    I'm getting closer to installing Suse Linux 9.3. I'm liking the idea of installing Suse as a stand along OS using KDE and booting from the hard drive. So, how many partitions should I let YaST create? YaST recommends size, but should I make any of them larger? Thanks.

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    I believe 2 partitions are fine. You'll need a swap partition, which will be 1.5 x the amount of RAM you have (I think) and your base partition for your Linux system, which can be the rest of the hard drive. I'm not sure if there's another partition that you need, but I'm sure 2 partitions should be fine.

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    actually, you might not need so much swap. If you have a lot of ram (512 mb or more), then make swap as large as the amount of ram. If you do not have a lot, make swap twice the size of the ram. as for the rest, you could just make one partition. some people put /home on it's own partition (this is where you save your files and program settings), but this in not a must.
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    When I use a separate boot partition, I usually make it around 50 megs in size. My swap partition is usually about 500 megs, and my root and home partitions I usually make around 6 gigs each, but that sometimes changes, depending on what I plan to do with them and on what distro I'm installing.

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