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    Mounting new HD for the /home directory

    I have a question, I want to install a new harddrive. That is documented quite well, in lots of places. My question is, I want the harddrive to be used for the /home directory (and a seperate partition for the /var/www directory).

    If I do this will the new drive be used as the user's home, or do I have to do something special to get rid of the old one? My system is a fairly new install and doesn't contain anything I would mind loosing, would it be easier to go back and re-install from scratch?

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    just put it in fstab that it will be mounted as /home

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    You won't have to "clean up" anything, but my guess is that you want to move the existing files in /home onto the new filesystem before you mount it. So mount it at another mount point like /mnt/home or anything first and move everything over.
    You might want to initialize it as an LVM volume first, though, so that you easily could expand it with another hard drive at a later point. There is a HOWTO on the subject at, if you decide to do that. You might also want to use XFS or reiserfs in that case, since they feature online resizing.

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