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    Is his bug same for all latest linux?

    It seems that I have been having trouble installing any of he latest Linux distros. I traced the problems to a mandrake forum where they mentioned that comps with a 1GB of ram have some vesa frame buffer problem which causes the install to hang. I havent had luck installing any nversion of linux on my new system, wheras I didnt have any trouble with my last one.
    Anybody else heard about this. SO far I have only heard mention of this in reference to MDK 9.1.

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    In other words have any of you had any luck installing Linux o a system with more than 1GB of Ram.

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    All you need to do is disable the frame buffer. Almost all distros have a way of turning it off, usually by specifying nofb to the kernel options. If you press some F<n> buttons at the installation boot loader, it should display some description for you.

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    video=vga16:off i believe.

    as that is passed(AFAIK) to the kernel in most distro's you should be ok.


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    I wish I had known this earlier. I went and installed slackware 9.0
    Now i have new problem with slack but I will post it in another thread.


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    I installed Jamd just fine on my box and gentoo and I have over 1gb of ram.

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    I just finally got Slackware installed and after I choose Linux to boot from lilo a get a blank screen.

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    press enter at ur blank screen as i think linux shoudl be default. once it stops doing stuff press ctrl+alt+f1 and login. from here try settign ur default bootloader to grub which uses a text based bootloader instead of graphical.

    also try sending that commadn about vo framebuffer to ur kernel at startup. Could someone else post up the way to do this coz i catn remember

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