I have looked around and havent seen anyone post for this specific incident, so here goes. I just finished downloading the FC3 X_86-64 .ISO and burned it to a DVD and attempted installing it the other night. Install went smoothly and I didnt receive any errors or seem to have any problems. I had previously installed the 32 bit version but realised my folly after trying to install my nvidia drivers. Currently I am running an AMD-64 3800 proc on a MSI K8N mobo with SLI enabled, dual Nvidia 6600 cards and a couple gigs of ram. To my knowlege (which is extremely limited when it comes to linux) SLI is not supported, but that shouldnt matter as the install worked before I tried to install the 64 bit version of the distro. When it boots up, what I get is just a screen that has like an 8-bit display and it is all repeaty, like i can see the FC3 logo repeated across the top of the screen. Should I just try to download from a different source or dl the disks or what? It would be nice to get this distro going so I can utilize the 64 bit architecture like I have been hearing about.......Thank you in advance for any replies or suggestions