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    Dual Boot: Installing Fedora on new drive.

    Hey Guys! I am a total linux newbie and I just got a new 80 gig HD that I want to install Fedora Core 3 on and dual boot it with my current XP install.

    What I want to do is divide the new drive up 50 gigs for Fedoras, 10 gigs of FAT32 to share files between the os's, and 20 gigs NTFS for XP.
    I am guessing I will need some sort of partitioning software to do the partitioning?

    Is there anything special I need to know about installing Fedora to dual boot in this manner? Will this screw up my XP MBR?

    My first thought was to set the BIOS to boot from the new drive that I install Linux on and then just edit GRUB to also point to XP.

    Any advice would be appreciated....


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    i actually just did this 2 days ago, except i had 2 drives. but we can still work with 2. although there are many ways to do this, i will tell you how i know how to do it.

    first, boot with a windows start up floppy, and go into fdisk. delete all the partitions, and then create a primary 20GB for xp, then crate another 10 GB for the share, then leave everything empy. get out of fdisk to the command prompt and format the 20gb and 10 gb. still do nothing to the 50 for fedora. boot the fedora installer, then install fedora to the rest of the unpartioned hard drive, you can partition it manually, or let fedora do it.

    hope that helped some. feel free to PM me if i can help further.
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