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    Follow the suggestions from the above link. Use Grub as your boot loader. When you get to the Grub config screen, choose Advanced options and there's a config area you can point and click through various options that will add your Win partition to the grub.conf file. There is also an option to click to tell grub whether to boot Win or Lin by default.

    RH 9 has it goin in this arena, and it should be fairly painless.

    Also, in the Druid disk conf screen, be sure you are manipulating the correct drive space. Do not alter the Win partitions.

    Partition Magin 8 is an excellant product, I've used it several times with no problem.


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    I recently installed ark linux on a dual boot windows xp ntfshard drive using partition magic to shrink my xp installation leaving the free space unpartitioned. i then used the boot cd and at prompt told it to use unpartitioned space it installed ok and both work fine.(i have only one HD on my system).

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