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Thread: really newbie

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    really newbie

    just installed red hat 8.0 linux on my computer because i couldn't get a windows xp cd, and now everything is working fine...

    however, and keep in mind that i'm a total noob, how would i go about installing drivers for my video card.

    it's an nvidia geforce 4.

    i opened the cd and it only has the installations for the windows versions.

    i tried using the xp version but when it got an error at installing something about a 'kernel...' and it was looking under c:\
    i know enough already to know that linux does not use the c: drive. so what can i do to stop this.

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    choose the most suitable driver for your distro ...

    good luck,

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    alright i found the version that's mine but how do i run the program.
    i've tried double clicking on it and using the "run program" link from the start menu but it won't execute

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    First, it's a terminal program, so you need to run it from a terminal emulator. You will also need to enable execute permissions on it, since files are normally downloaded without. In a shell, run "chmod 755 filename" to accomplish that. In the GUI... well, I'm not sure, but I think that there's something about that if you right-click and choose properties. I rarely use any GUI filebrowser, though, so I can't tell exactly how to do it.

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    see the page on lthe ink below for "How to Install Nvidia Drivers'.

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