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    mounting windows partition

    ok you prob heard this question 9 million times,

    but i got a windows partition how do i mount it?

    or better still have an icon on my desktop that will lead to the drive.

    its the first partition on the drive, thanx!

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    Just "mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/win" to mount it on /mnt/win, but you can of course change the last one to wherever you want. You might want to consider adding it to /etc/fstab, though. See fstab(5) for more info.

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    thank you very much!

    is it poss to make it a link on the desktop? i know it is, or is it a bit harder?

    or again i know its poss, how do i let linux mount it on start up?

    i dont beleive this, couple years ago i knew how to do this, oh how windows has "cooled" me down...

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    It was for boot time mounting that you should consider /etc/fstab. When you have done so, I think nautilus automatically creates a desktop link.

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    ok cheers thanx!

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    ok problem!

    taken me ages to get back to here

    after creating the "win" folder in /mnt/

    i then went and did what you said however this came up:

    [root@localhost root]# mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/win
    mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hda,
    or too many mounted file systems

    so i thought, im using XP it uses NTFS not fat32 but then this came up:

    [root@localhost root]# mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/win
    mount: fs type ntfs not supported by kernel

    hmmm....please help!

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    Yes, ntfs still has EXPERIMENTAL status in the kernel tree, and write support has DANGEROUS status. Unless you're trying to fix the driver, you should never mount a ntfs partition writable.
    I would imagine that some distros ship without the ntfs driver at all. You'll have to build it yourself from the kernel sources if that's the case.
    The reason why NTFS is so poorly supported in linux is that there is no tech papers on it, so everything has to be reverse-engineered. Microsoft is keeping it a secret for some very good reason.

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    well cheers for that anyway!

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    tim, try modprobe ntfs. You need to load the kernel module before you can mount it. As said before, don't attempt to write to the drive. I have had no problems reading from ntfs though.

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    all i want to do is to read to "grab" things of the drive i wont write to it, cos i just write to the linux side.

    where do i get this module + is it easy to install or do i have recompile the kernel...

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